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Definitely Dance Benzie

Dance Benzie is tonight, yay! AND… another chance to get in on our best rate membership.

dance benzie 10-14-14

Of course, you are all about becoming more kinetically intuitive, thrilling to spontaneous moments of shared genius, grinning like a kook and hanging with Benzie’s funnest folks… but did you know that Dance Benzie might be EVEN more than all that?

Could Dance Benzie make our community more resilient to the catastrophic collapse of the unsustainable consumer / empire feedback loop?

Is Dance Benzie a methodology for reversing the aging process and expanding human awareness into uncharted dimensions of compassion and wilderness rapport?

Will Dance Benzie enable certain individuals who have habitually felt slightly quirky (and maybe even a little off) to discover their life’s mission and attendant super powers?

What are the chances that Dance Benzie is more than just a gloriously great way to spend your Tuesday evenings? Do you want to risk missing these maybes? Do you believe in magic?

Membership gets you dancing through March 2015 and is ONLY $60 for working folks and $30 for students.

Oh and hey, get your danceable friends and fam to sign up for Dance Benzie email updates – always at the top right of this page. They”ll love you even more!

If you don’t have any friends, this might be a good way to get some.