Stepping back

Dan again – I just gotta be honest with myself. Dance Benzie feels like too much for me right now. Teaching early is being overridden by other more critical projects. I would continue to offer significant financial support for renting the space if I didn’t have to open and manage, if I could just show up, (or not). That would mean others would have to handle logistics and commit to locking in 30 memberships in the next couple of months – 10 from our existing base and then finding / recruiting new blood. That seems a tall order, but maybe one of us can see a way through.

Thanks for your dedication and faith so far. Let me know if anyone has a brainstorm, otherwise I’ll tell the Mills Community House next week that we’ll be shutting down effective June – at least for the summer – and return the couple of membership fees collected so far. This was sent only to our 10 core dancers.