Future of Dance Benzie

Howdy Dancers! Dan Kelly here.

Financially and organizationally, Dance Benzie has become a bit too much for me to carry in it’s current incarnation. To get this weekly event to thrive would require a lot more effort, marketing, outreach, and consistent commitment from our core dancers to host. Since we’ve pretty much lost Rebecca and Ann, our core is pretty minimal. So here’s my proposal.

Currently, Ann Marie and Michael have renewed membership. Theoretically the next 6 month membership will run June 1st through December 1. If Dance Benzie signs up 10 members at $60 or 20 student members at $30 before May 30, (cash or checks in hand) I’ll commit to renting the space for the next 6 months and start teaching class. If we can’t get enough renewals/new members, I’ll likely end my agreement with the Mills Community House and return membership fees.

Along with membership, our existing core must commit to a opening/closing schedule so I don’t have to be there every week. I plan on running a class from 6:30 pm – 7:30  pm either every week or every other week, and I want to be able occasionally leave afterwards. Establishing responsibility for the space by week (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) would be ideal, e.g. 1 = Earl, 2 = Ann Marie and Michael, 3 = Jed, 4 and 5 = Dan. If we can reestablish a solid core, then we can spread out the duties or call in pinch hitters.

Ok, so I need renewed membership by end of May and an opening closing schedule ASAP. You know what to do!

Here are some clouds.