Dance Benzie Member Kickbacks

For Dance Benzie members only! Starting November, any member who brings in a new member get’s a kickback – $10 for every regular member or $5 for a student member. That’s right, flat out bribery. You wanna dance for free? Go get 6 members to join. Bring in more and Dance Benzie will be paying YOU to dance.

This program will last until we’re maxed out – somewhere between 60-80 members. Remember, membership from November through March is now $70, $35 for students.

To get the dough a new member has to have signed in as your guest the last 2 times they came OR they have to declare that they joined because of you.

If you feel a deep guilt in your heart about profiting on someone else’s joy, then feel free to kickback your kickback to the new member.

Any questions?