Last chance!

Dance Benzie memberships are still $60 for another 4 days, so this is your last chance to swell our ranks at the best rate. Why, why, why do we keep banging this particular gong? Because we want you with us – right now! Dance flushes away stress, enhances all the worthy aspects of human nature, tones and strengthens the physical temple, opens up blocked energy flow within the subtle body, opens the heart, quiets the mind, boosts your sexy better than 70s shampoo and is just plain whoopie tee doo!

What could you possibly be doing on a Tuesday night that’s more soulariffic than dancing with your neighbors and friends? There’s a very short list of possibilities, people – deep rapport with your true love? A tantric surrender to universal light? Being abducted by benevolent extra terrestrials?

Ok, maybe you’re raising the next generation of visionaries and world saviors, being the best mom and dad you can be. Maybe you’ve got priorities and obligations. All we’re trying to say is be sure those priorities and obligations are ultimately about true bliss, both yours and your kids, because what’s the future otherwise? Don’t be fooled by the false gods of consumeristic addiction! If we labor towards anathema, then surely humankind is unsustainable and basically doomed.

Imagine what you’ll be doing tonight around 7:00 pm. Do you see yourself bingeing on your fav shows, laboring to pay the bills, feeling sad and sulky because it’s all gone horribly wrong? The kingdom of heaven is spread upon the earth and man does not see it. Let those images tumble away like autumn leaves in a blustery blow. Empty your mind, and feel this – for a few hours tonight, a blazing ball of beauty is blooming not more then 10 minutes from your couch. Big medicine is about to be extant, magic afoot, your tribe’s going to move. You are there too, awash in wonder, alive, awake and almost amazing. There’s still time to be everything you want to be. Come and remake the world with hip sway and sliding step, with gesture and gaze.

Your membership supports the Mills Community House too, so there’s that. We have experienced dancers willing and able to give you the basics.

Dance Benzie is 7:30-10:00 pm every Tuesday. Membership through March for $60 ends this month. Student membership through March for $30 ends this month. Membership goes up to $70 and $35 respectively November 1. Drop-ins are $7 and $5. Yes, we are the cult of fun. Join us!