Dance Benzie is growing

Dance Benzie welcomes new members Rebecca Fox and Kim Miller, we’re growing! You know we need you too, and frankly – you need us.

Farmers Almanac says we should expect more of what we had last winter, EPIC. Imagine yourself after the big snows have set in, those deep gray months.  Sure, cozy at first, crackling fires and rocking chairs but then – stir crazy, vitamin D deficient – the white madness, gah!

You know what I’m talking about.

This year it’s going to be ok, I promise. First, turn your speakers on and play this video (or click the link), and keep reading…

Music to read this post by

Now imagine yourself arriving in the cheery, cozy theater of the Mills Community House, brushing off the snow and swinging it with a crowd of your newest best friends, heart pumping, a big old smile plastered on your mug, laughing – that’s right, LAUGHING – at old man winter. Dance Benzie is a game changer, folks.

Just like you’ve been stocking up on firewood for the old Jodel or Vermont Castings, it’s time to pile up a habit of coming and dancing every Tuesday. When that oppressive, dreary cold comes a creeping, your bones will be radiating an inner fire, the toasty spark of connected, co-creative, improvisational, shared center partner dance. Join as a member this month for the best winter investment you can make, next to merino wool long johns.

We accept cash and checks. Select harvests, home brews / preserves and vintage 78s are also of interest, contact Dan or Rebecca. Credit cards are on the horizon.

C’mon people, when was the last time something this cool was launched right on your doorstep practically? All aboard!