Dance Benzie is STILL every Tuesday

That’s right! Consistently 28 weeks straight, every Tuesday at the Mills Community House in Benzonia, 2nd floor Theater.

Where have you been? When are YOU coming? You keep talking about how cool it is that we’ve got a weekly dance event LOCALLY, how you’re going to check it out, move your body in that beautiful way, bring a gaggle of friends, BUT… there’s always some reason to stay home, isn’t there? Cats got a headache, plumber’s running really late, something. Rather than merging with the couch for another episode of Dancing with the Stars, why not LIVE THE DREAM? Bring that sulky teen, your gouty grandfather, or just leave the rabble behind and get your sweet solo booty over to the Mills Community House in Benzonia. 7:30-10:00. This means you – imagine EVERY Tuesday as AMAZING from NOW ON!

Ladies – did you know that Dance Benzie has WAY more men than women? Handsome, lithe, straight men – mostly. A miracle? Impossible you say? HARD TO BELIEVE? You just come see for yourself – wear something that wafts and shoes to groove. MORE MEN THAN WOMEN, only at Dance Benzie.

Oh and BTW – Tuesday is today.